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Well this year started with a less than graceful fall down my newly renovated basement stairs. An ICU induced sleep for a couple of days and a neck brace for 6 weeks. Rest and relaxing was way to get it! Thank-God for my family inherited hard head. LOL.

This imposed rest and relax has given me the much needed time to reflect and be thankful for music career and my life...which could have been cut short by a simple moment of imbalance on my stairs. I am lucky and blessed for great family, friends and music which are helping me heal.

Some great things coming up this year! My new single Icons, A new Ep and a new music video! The flavor is Hip Hop, Dance and something for your head and feet to keep you thinking and moving.

My first performance for 2013 will be the Concert for Social Justice at the Daniels Spectrum/ Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre for

CASSA/ Council of Agencies Serving South Asians-A Social Justice Umbrella Organization working in Ontario since 1991. The Concert for Social Justice is marking their Silver Jubilee and celebrating World Day of Social Justice.

Join Troy and CASSA on Feb. 20, 2013!

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