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 When I was a small town boy going out in the "big city" of Vancouver. I remember finding out about a night downtown called "Chocolate Milk" at a club called the "Shaggy Horse". On that dance floor I moved because it felt good, no booze, no drugs needed just the high of the beats. The music guides I remember were Clarence, Luis Machuca and "Lovely Lisa". They kept our feet moving, inspired some great dance moves and left us all wanting for more. Quite a few nights I stomped my feet and joined the chorus of other club goers who did not want the beats to stop or the journey to end...they always obliged with an extended set so we all could keep on dancing for just a bit more, to the screams of "Oh Yeah" from a friend of mine Kimme who was also being allowed to lay down her frustrations at the alter of music on that dance floor. On one of those epic nights as I sang and danced I distinctly remember thinking "When I start to sing I want to work with some of these people who are making me move now". These times for me are epitomized by the classic house track "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life"...yes the beats did indeed inspire me to go on. Years later I am happy to report  that I am working with Producer/DJ Luis Machuca from Vancity via Chile and Toronto. He is currently mixing my new single "Icons"!

Check his newest mix from "Play" hosted by Ginger62 in Vancouver


Music is still saving my life

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